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Sameer Kumar Kashyap

GRE–308 (Q-165,V-143)

George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia

Programme - Information Technology

Concentration - Data analytics and artificial intelligence

"Extremely talented and knowledgeable teachers with a heart made up of gold supporting you in every aspect whether it is related to the exam or real life experiences. The way of teaching is very unique as they make sure that their students not only understand the concept but also the roots of it. Sushma Maam, i owe you too much for making me learn and understand those words which were flying high above my head. All those bad reading passages which were once a nightmare are just a formality now. Bhoopendra Sir, you are a perfect mathematics teacher anyone could have in this era as you taught me those techniques to overcome my weak points and practice all those questions over and over again to make my concepts clear. You both were there to help me out whenever i needed someone to guide me. All those phone calls i made just to correct the silly mistakes i had done, you simply answered them politely. Thank you so much for being so chivalrous and a big thank you to both of you for being such generous teachers”

"Unlike most of the commercial Gmat tutorial centres Sushma Mam and Bhoopendra sir at Gmatinsight make sure that each student gets the required attention that they need. In a span of 3 months I went from knowing nothing about the structure of the exam to scoring a 720 in my first attempt. Not only are they patient and the encouraging but their style of teaching is flexible and quickly aligns with the students. I had the best experience studying here and highly recommend joining Gmat insight.”

Gunjan Verma

GMAT- 720 (Q-46, V- 42)

Manya Mullick

GMAT – 700

"Sushma Mam and Bhoopendra Sir are tutors who will be with you at every step of your GMAT journey and help you achieve your target score :)”

"Sushma ma'am and Bhoopendra sir have been pivotal in my GMAT prep. Their focus, like mine, was on studying smartly. With a full-time job, that made a huge difference. I did not have to spend hours learning concepts because a discussion with them would suffice. Their constant support and encouragement for building my mental stamina for this exam was an essential factor for me because I needed to nail that. With their help, I was able to achieve more than what I had initially aimed for. Thank you ma'am and sir!"

Disha Mohapatra

GMAT – 720 (Q-49, V-40)

Sandeep Singh Baraith

GMAT- 710 (Q- 49, V- 38)

IIM Ahmedabad, PGPX

"I can vouch for Sushma ma’am as a brilliant teacher and as a very helpful person. She is just brilliant at her subject. But what actually distinguishes her from rest all is that she is a great motivator, not just at superficial level, but way beyond that. She helps to bring out the best in a person, without judging the person. Just over phone, she taught me, motivated me and helped me to get a decent score to apply at premier institutes. I wish I could inculcate some of the professional and human values that she possesses. Thanks a lot ma’am. "

"GMAT insight turned out to be a real blessing for me.

Sushma mam precisely point out your weak areas in first 1-2 classes and then arduously works on improving it. The level of patience she had in my case is really commendable. The best part about them is that there is not business mentality at all. They only want their students to succeed! 1 hour doesn't mean 60 minutes to them, it means achieving a particular target. "

This might sound farfetched, but they not only helped me improve my GMAT score but also provided me helpful feedback to be a better person.

I am really grateful to both the teachers for their guidance. Thank you :)"

Rupak Gupta


Varun Sharma

GMAT – 680 (Q-50, V-32)

"I enrolled for the GMAT course at GMAT INSIGHT and it was a great experience overall. Both Bhoopendra Sir and Sushma Ma'am go that extra mile to make sure the students are well prepared. In my lifetime I have only seen these two teachers at a coaching institute who are in the teaching profession because they are passionate about it and not in it for just the money. Another stand out for me was the personal attention that both the teachers gave me. I know of teachers who calculate every minute they spend with you, but that is not the case with GMAT INSIGHT. Their goal is to make sure you understand each and every concept that is tested in the GMAT and in the process even if you take repetitive classes they will never charge you extra for it. I endorse GMAT INSIGHT a hundred percent!"

"I read up on GMAT Club about GMAT Insight and contacted them for first free demo class. Needless to say, I made up my mind during the demo class itself to subscribe to GMAT Insight. Mr. Bhoopendra Singh is an excellent coach for quantitative skills and he knows how to ensure that the student learn the concept. He's patient with the student and always positive. I could achieve my target score with his help and I know that he can work wonders for any GMAT aspirant. That's because, he simplifies concepts that are easier to learn. Besides this, he's a good human being too. It’s clear from our interactions with him. Last but the most important, he's not a commercially minded coach and is very very passionate about what he does. I know where to direct anyone who's looking for a good coach in quant section or Maths, in general as he has an amazing knowledge range. Respect!"

Pallavi Sinha

GMAT – 710 (Q-49, V-38)

Vinayak Sharma

GMAT – 690

ISB Class Of 2017

“Sushma ma'am and Bhoopendra sir are the most amazing teachers. The ones you´ll remember for the rest of your life.

Sushma ma'am was a game changer for me, her approach to the dreaded verbal in GMAT, the tricks and shortcuts along with the heavy indepth wherever need be were just awesome... I've never met somebody with so much patience and calm while handling people like me.. :-P

and sir, Sir is so upbeat, you would feel ashamed of yourself if you didn´t go back and work harder, -with a big smile, like him.
Maths Genius...Period..!! Perfect combo Ma'am & Sir, I must say..!!

I owe all my success to you guys ...
A big Thank you once again :)
Very Highly recommended for GRE & GMAT..!!!

"This might turn out to be a slightly long post - but that would be merely because of the awesomeness of these two teachers!"
Well, if you are one of the following types, then Ma'am & Sir are your perfect saviors : Cannot study in groups, Need personal personal & care, cant find time for coaching centers, hectic work-life, haven't been in touch with books since long etc!

I had enrolled for GMat prep with them on a friend's recommendation, when my GMat was just 23 days away & my first mock score after self-preparation was way too low! Also, ISB deadline being just a month away, it was about my first and only attempt at GMAT.

From making me cover the entire course in less than a month, to taking classes at odd hours, to making me feel better at every step.. they are the dose of dedication & care, every student needs in their life at some point of time. When modern education has become more of money making, they will just tell remind you again & again of the goodness and love that still prevails.

Many students do face the initial inertia because of classes being over Skype, but the demo class just works magic. The baby-like treatment, the multiple explanations, the simplicity with which they teach - it just makes everything so easy! & you feel the need to study and score well, not for anyone else but for Sir & Ma'am.

It was never about the fixed hours or one-hour slot with them! It was always about my overall preparation and readiness for the exam. Over the journey, every student develops a lifetime bond with them, which goes beyond the classes and routine academics. This is what makes them different from everyone else!

Needless to say, its a 100% bet on them. I owe my ISB journey to them. I have personally recommended so many students to them & haven't heard a single dropout after the demo! Its like love at first 'sight'with them (Though would love to meet them in person soon) !! :)

Keep rocking my favourite & perfect 800 duo!

Prarthana Kejriwal


ISB batch of 2015

Shwetha Shekhar

GRE 316 (Q-158 V-158)

"I am a literature scholar and lecturer. I took the GRE exam as I intend to pursue PhD from a good U.S university. I wanted somebody who could help me with mathematics conceptually and luckily I arrived at the right place. Bhoopendra cleared all my conceptual doubts and on the day of the test, no question (easy or difficult) seemed alien to me. The fact that I scored equally in both Quant and Verbal highlights the kind of training I received at GMAT Insight."

"After getting a 700 in my first attempt I was struggling to increase my score in my second attempt. I needed help in Verbal for which I was recommended by someone to get in touch with Dr. Sushma. She had 40 days to boost my score and she did manage to do so! The one-hour sessions helped me understand my weaknesses and get ample practice to be comfortable with time management. She is very supportive and is a teacher in the true sense. I strongly recommend GMATInsight for Verbal as I went from 36 to 40 in about a month. I'm finally happy with my score of 730. I hope she gets more students and prospers!"

Pallavi Dutta


Yuvraj Jain

SAT-I, Maths- 790/800

SAT-II, Maths- 800/800

"I, Yuvraj Jain studied at the GD Goenka World School. As I had plans to take the SAT Reasoning test and the SAT Math Level IIc Subject test, I went to Mr. Bhoopendra Singh for tutoring in the Winter of 2008. I ended up getting a 790/800 on the Math component of the Reasoning test, and an 800/800 on the Subject test.

Upon looking over a sample SAT Reasoning exam, one will realize that it is not rocket science and the level of math is parallel to high school. However, the single most important skill for the math section is speed.....and this is why I feel that Mr. Singh is the ideal coach: he made me around three times faster. By the end of our time together I was solving each 25 minute section with near perfect accuracy with 10 minutes to spare. I returned to him again for my SAT II math preparation. There were some chapters on this exam that were not a part of the syllabus of my board. As this is a very conceptual exam, one must not only know the methods and formulas of each chapter, but also be able to apply them while judging patterns and trends (such as how a graph shifts when its equation is manipulated).

Mr. Singh was very patient with regards to my learning needs and taught me the hard concepts so well that by the end of it I didn't need to memorize anything. It is not surprising that I was able to achieve a full score on the exam, a feat which I didn't think I could accomplish until I attended Mr. Singh's classes. "

"I found the experience with Sushma Ma'am and Bhoopendra Sir beneficial and delightful! They both seemed to take a personal interest in scores and my future and because of them I managed to get the score which I wished for! They are truly wonderful teachers who managed to help me so much. In just a few months with them, I was able to improve so much and get my desired score. Their teaching methods and constant push in the right direction was exactly what I needed to get to my full potential. I would definitely recommend their online SAT Prep to anyone looking for that push!"

Anushkay Raza


Tim McLean

"Bhoopendra was fantastic in helping me prepare for the GMAT. His technique and extra efforts helped me significantly with my Quant score. In just under two weeks of working with Bhoopendra I saw big improvement to my score. I would highly recommend GMAT insight for anyone looking for help on the GMAT."

"GMAT preparations can get a little tricky and one may find it difficult to crack the test without correct guidance. Luckily I found my direction in time when someone referred GMATInsight. When I came to Bhoopendra Sir and Sushma Ma’am I had already given one attempt of GMAT. At that point I felt helpless and did not know how and from where to start over.

Few months back I started preparing with GMATInsight and I found at every step that I lacked something in my earlier preparation. There was always a value add that both Sir and Ma’am could offer. Starting from scratch can be very frustrating, but Ma’am and Sir did not let me drain out one bit. Ma’am and Sir guided me in the best possible manner; not even once did I feel stressed out.

Bhoopendra Sir and Shushma ma’am are quite chilled out and have a way of putting their students at ease. Their guidance is impeccable and all they ask for is complete faith in their methods. I improved a lot since after I joined GMATInsight and without a doubt I would recommend any fellow GMAT aspirant to join the GMATInsight for their preparations."

Gaurang Agarwal

GMAT-690 (Q-49, V-34)

Sanchit Guliani

Coventry University

"Dr.Sushma has played a vital role in my life as far as personal development is concerned. She has great eye and analytical skills to identify where her student will excel, and encourages, shows a clear path for the career ahead. More than the knowledge of GMAT English, she has motivated me to achieve what I really like and I still am living on the same mantra. A Great Human Being! "

GMATInsight solved most of my problems regarding GMAT. Both Sushma Ma'am and Bhoopendra Sir are extremely patient and teach from a very exam oriented prospective, which is designed according to one's weaknesses and strengths. Both are experts in their respective fields and guide you towards your goals in the best way possible.

Thanks to the guidance and efforts of Ma'am and Sir I was able to score well in my first attempt itself. Both Ma'am and Sir motivated me throughout and taught techniques that helped me solve questions with greater ease."

Nikhil Chaudhary

GMAT-710 (Q-50, V-36)

Rudra Rakshit Singh

GMAT-690 (Q-47, V-38)

“I started my preparation for GMAT a few months back and was looking for some coaching institute to assist me in my preparation, then a friend of mine recommended 'GMAT INSIGHT' and told me about their classes which are conducted over skype. The classes are one on one which gets you the undivided attention of the teachers and both, ma'am and sir, are very flexible with their timings.

Sushma Ma'am - Verbal; A great friend and guide to have during the preparations. Her passion for teaching is clearly evident every time you speak to her. Her classes are filled with wonderful discussions and warmth, that makes grasping the concepts relatively simple and enjoyable. Extremely helpful and comes up with a very clear explanation for each and every question.

Bhoopendra Sir - Quants: A great teacher to have who really motivates and pushes you to practice more and come up with solutions on your own (both very crucial to succeed in maths as per me). Offers some very simple solutions to difficult questions and makes understanding of concepts easy. Even though I consider myself to be good in maths I do tend to make a lot of mistakes but using methods given by sir helped in avoiding those errors and pushed my confidence up which helped me in getting up and ready for the paper.

Highly recommend both sir and ma'am, it was a pleasant experience with them”

“I had been struggling with Gmat for past 1 year. I did everything that it takes to master GMAT, Coaching classes, Studying 7 hours a day, doing full length tests, etc. However, despite of all these efforts on the 'G' day i somehow couldn't do well. After 3 attempts and extreme disappointed i came across GMAT insight online coaching. I thought to myself, since i have tried out everything why not give this a shot too.. i started off my sessions with Bhoopendra Sir and Sushma Ma'am. After a few sessions only there was a drastic improvement in my quant and Verbal. I started feeling more confident and closer to my goal after every session. Most important thing that worked for me is the technique taught by both and constant motivation that really helped me believe in myself. I would like to thank both of them from the bottom of heart for believing in me and helping me achieve my goal.”

Prerna Rai

GMAT-680 (Q-48, V-34)

Hemang Vardhan

GMAT – 710 Q-49,V-38

I had been struggling with GMAT for almost three years. I had taken coaching classes two well known institutes, but my GMAT scores were disappointing. I had given up all hope, until I found out about one on one Skype classes provided by Sushma Mam and Bhoopendra Sir.

Not only the concepts taught by Sushma Ma’am on verbal were extremely helpful, but she also motivated and installed confidence in me that I can achieve a very good score on GMAT. Bhoopendra Sir was extremely patient and helpful and his the concepts he taught were very helpful to get a 49 on Quant. I would recommend anyone who is struggling with GMAT to take classes with Ma’am and Sir.

For my GMAT verbal preparation, I knew that I needed a teacher who could work on my flaws in reasoning and give me personal attention. I came to know about 1-on-1 Skype class of Sushma Mam through Linked-In search. After the demo class, I immediately decided to join the course. Not only she cleared all the concepts of RC, CR and SC but also she motivated me to go for that extra mile to prepare myself mentally for examination. After every class, I felt so energized and motivated to work towards my goal. The online class program is greatly structured and fits into individual needs. I strongly recommend GMATInsight course to everyone. Cheers to all aspirants!

Abhinav Kaura

George Washington University

Sakhi Gandhi

GMAT – 710

Verbal - 39, Quant - 48

Wharton Business School

It was my second attempt at GMAT. The personalised attention I received and customised preparation plan that both Sir and Ma'am made for me - worked greatly in my favor. Their approach to teaching was very concise - they always told me that studying for GMAT and doing a Ph.d in a subject are two completely different things. I realised with time that my concerns were pointless - knowing less and to the point is the best and that clearly fared well for me. I would recommend anyone looking for assistance to prepare to reach out to GMAT Insight - work as Sushma Ma'am and Bhoopendra sir advise and guide you too and you will succeed.

I was very satisfied with the online SAT prep I received. I felt a close, personal connection with my teachers, and felt that they truly cared both about my scores and about my future. Thanks to them, I was able to get an SAT score that allowed me to get into my top choice college, New York University.

Larayb Abrar

New York University

Nakul Tandon

Sushma ma'am is not only a brilliant teacher but also an inspiring woman. She motivated me throughout the tenure of the course and made me believe in myself. Initially, I was extremely concerned about CR but through her praiseworthy and innovative techniques, I mastered the section. She was easily accessible throughout and helped me build an effective action plan for the test. Overall, I had a great experience learning from her and would strongly recommend her.

I got 48 in Quant but my timing was off and i was taking too long for some of the questions. I learnt different approaches from Bhoopendra and that helped me improve my score to 50 in Quant. My verbal was weak specially RC. I learnt how to hanlde RC from Sushama's classes. She stresses specific areas and she focussed on my weak areas of RC passages. I also took some SC classes from her and honed some of the concepts that i studied in Manhattan GMAT. I would recommend someone to take their free classes and check their teaching. I think it will be beneficial and fruitful.

Govind Mundada

My first experience with Sushma ma'am was during a 1 month group program in Wisdommart for GMAT back in 2011. 3 years later, I had to prepare for GRE. I had not been in touch with ma'am all these years. Although I didn't know whether ma'am taught this course, I had decided that I only wanted Sushma ma'am to guide me. From my GMAT group class days I remember that I used to be a shy kid (an 18 year old surrounded by tall working professionals) and would quietly listen to ma'am while she taught. Ma'am's way of teaching was so crystal clear and lasting that even in a batch of so many students, I scored a 720 in my first attempt (and this could have been better, but due to some unfortunate accident in the family I was not in my best condition on the day of the exam). Even after 3 years of no contact, i wanted only and only her as my mentor for GRE. Judging from my ordinary language, one can easily guess that I don't read much and hence I was freaking out about how to crack the GRE with my poor vocabulary and comprehension skills. But the way ma'am grouped and explained words with examples, those words were imprinted in my mind permanently. The tricks that ma'am taught me for reading comprehension (my skills were horrible as I have never read a single novel in my entire life) helped me score a whopping 164/167 in the GRE!! I was stupefied when I saw the scores on the computer screen... I double checked... And triple checked.... added up the numbers again and again to verify whether I really had crossed the 330 barrier! Thank you so much ma'am for all your hard work and guidance. Still can't believe that you made it possible!!!

Ambieca Saha

“Harvard Business School” and “Stanford Graduate school of Business”

GMAT – 720

GRE – Verbal : 167/170, Quant : 164/170 Total : 331/340

Divyesh Gandhi

IE Business School

I am lucky to have had Sushma Ma'am as my teacher. She is an excellent teacher willing to put in extra effort to help us achieve our goals. The GMAT verbal takes most people down, however, with Dr. Sushma I was confident through the preparation time that I will succeed.

With her guidance, I managed a very good score and am currently pursuing my Masters at IE Business School. She is an extremely caring and approachable teacher who is always there to help you. I am grateful to have taken my GMAT classes from her and would strongly recommend her.

Dr Sushma is one of the best teachers I ever had! Her teaching strategy was very innovative and her teachings have stayed on with me till my grad school. One can not go wrong in GMAT, if one follows her rules and techniques. Good luck!

Tarul Ahuja

he Johns Hopkins University - Carey Business School

Dipika Biswas

FMS Delhi

Sushma was my English teacher when I was preparing for GMAT. She is a true original, whose teaching includes quality, knowledge and grace. She is definitely a compassionate teacher of students and a teacher of life. I am a life student of hers. Besides her remarkable creativity and energy, Sushma is also a person who meets her commitments, and knows how to manage her time and resources. Her instinctual observation of knowing when to assist and reach out at the time of need is impeccable. I cannot thank her enough – this recommendation is just a small gratitude to her.

Dr. Sushma Jha was my GRE instructor. Even though my coaching was only for a little while, I had great time working with her. Since then it has been approx. a year now that I am in contact with her. She has always been helpful to me as a guide. She is a Perfect English Mentor and a great motivator. I would highly recommend her.

Nidhi Arya

The Catholic University of America

Swanand Deodhar

GMAT - 760

University of Minnesota (Carlson School)-Ph.D in Information System

I was a bit skeptical about giving GMAT again because I had only scored 620 in my previous attempt just a few months earlier. However the thorough and customized guidance from Sir and Ma'am allayed my fears and prepared me for the big day. Some of the salient features of the course were customized training, flexible timings, and lots of study material for concept clarification and practice. All these aspects helped me scale from 620 to 760! I want to thank both Bhoopendra Sir and Sushma ma'am in helping me reach my goal of securing an admission in a PhD program in the US. I would recommend their course to anyone who wants to make a genuine attempt of cracking GMAT.

"Self study for GMAT was taking me no where specially when I was back into this study mode after 9 years. It was also difficult to manage my studies at home with 2 growing children. That's when I decided to take a crash course at Wisdom Mart where our batch was taught Verbal by Dr Sushma. She identified shortcomings in my preparation and the way she planned and channelized my efforts to improve my understanding of GMAT English is really remarkable. She would ensure that I understand my mistakes and don't repeat them as I paced my preparation before the test. And the rest is history.

I would like to thank Sushma for being a wonderful teacher,an incredible human being and a driving force behind all her students helping them achieve great results"

Puneet Arora

1 year full time Executive MBA - IIM Bangalore (2009 - 10)

Apoorv Pathak

GMAT Score - 730

"Dr. Sushma Jha is an excellent instructor and uses a customized approach with each of her students, playing to the strengths of each individual and bridging the gaps as required in other areas. She is patient and understanding with the students. Further, she not only cares for her subject, but helps the student prepare in other fields as well. I had taken her GMAT verbal classes, but she also stressed on the quant portion in order to help me achieve a better overall score. Her personalized attention is a gift anyone will be grateful to recieve."

Sushma Ma'am has been instrumental in helping me score 720 (Q 49 V 37, AWA 5.5) on the GMAT. I found her approach to verbal extremely effective. Her classes are rigorous and she focuses a lot on building conceptual understanding. But above all, it is her devotion to teaching and helping students that differentiates her from others. She is approachable - on phone, email (even when the course is over) and she is always there to help and clear doubts.

Sushma Ma'am not only imparted me with skills to score better in verbal but also motivated me and helped me develop confidence in myself which resulted in a good score. I am grateful to have taken my GMAT classes from her and would strongly recommend her.

Nikhil Mishra

Emory University - Goizueta Business School

GMAT Score : 720 (Q 49 V 37, AWA 5.5)

Kunal Kumaria

Ecole de Management de Lyon / EM Lyon

"I got an opportunity to be a student of Sushma Ma'am for Verbal section. It was not easy for me to come back to books after working for few years but she certainly made it much easier for me by lending an extra hand in my preparations. I really appreciate her efforts and her passion which enabled me to hit my mark and reach where I wanted to be, in first attempt."

After preparing for several months, I only ended up with a 620 on the GMAT. My second attempt was not successful either as I saw my score only go lower to a 590. I was struggling with the verbal section. I finally got to the score I had wanted to see for a while now, a 710. Had it not been for Sushma ma'am, there is no way I would have achieved this success. She changed the way I approached and thought about Critical Reasoning problems. Her passion for teaching is incredible!!!

Anoop Kapoor

GMAT – 710

Nimit Khungar

GMAT - 710

I took GMAT Verbal classes from Sushma Mam and QUANT classes from Bhoopendra Sir last year. In addition to being really great teachers with an in depth knowledge of the subject matter they also helped me in understanding the intricacies of attempting GMAT examination such as time management and when to leave a question. I think these insights are as important as subject knowledge. I think they are great teachers and more importantly brilliant motivators.

I have always had the fear of Maths...with Bhoopendra Sir, it was so easy to crack GRE math. He was knowledgeable about the resources and study material and provided specific topic related preparation material assimilated from different sources that helped me get a great score, specifically Maths, which has been my weak point.

Pooja Grover

Abhishek Kashyap

AIM Manila

Sushma Ma'am is a find for any student who wants to excel in their verbal skills.The best part about her is she ensures that you do well in GMAT and if required will spend quality time with you. She is one of the best teachers I have come across.

As Brad Henry says, "A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill the love for learning". Thank you Sushama Mam and Bhoopendar Sir for your dedication and hard work. I appreciate your contributions far more than words can say.

Ishita Singh

Tulane University (A.B. Freeman School of Business) - 2013

Ashish Jain

MICA, Ahmedabad

For me Sushma mam and Bhoopendra Sir are the last word on english/math and GMAT prep. I joined her classes in 2010 unsure of what I am getting into. But an hour session with her was good enough to put all my doubts to rest. She assumes multiple roles. Sometimes she is like a buddy, sometimes a strict mentor, a combination rare yet essential for a teacher.

I took individual classes in verbal section from Sushma Maam for GMAT. I was giving the exam for the third time. The previous two times I had performed poorly in Verbal. However, I was confident that under Sushma Maam's guidance, I would perform really well. She makes the teaching atmosphere very comfortable and explains all concepts in a way which you understand best. She adapts her style to each student which is very important in order to understand, learn and apply. With hardwork, dedication and unconditional support from Sushma Maam, I got a score of 760 (99 percentile). I did very well in Verbal and am extremely thankful to Sushma Maam for everything.

Rohan Hemrajani

GMAT – 760

University of Chicago- Booth Business School and Brand Consultant at Hindustan Unilever Limited

Sanjit Kewalramani

GMAT - 700

I had the pleasure of learning from both Mr Bhoopendra Singh & Dr Sushma Jha in 2010. While I was already strong in quant, Sir taught me some great shortcut methods to shave off extra time on easy & medium level questions, which I could then utilize on the tough questions.

The Verbal & AWA section was my Achille's heel and it gave me endless stress up until I had my first class with Ma'am. She has her own methodology, which helps in breaking down complex question-answers to basic key concepts and attack the problem at hand with an alternate, yet simplistic, approach.

I have been, and would be, strongly recommending them to all my friends & colleagues who are planning to give their GMAT.

"I took the decision to go for further studies after 6 years of job and to be honest changing gears from a professional demanding world to study table was not easy for me.

Their way of teaching, understanding your gaps in learning and interacting and approaching to make you ready for the exams (both in confidence and subject matter) is an experience in itself.”

Shiva Vrata Nath

MBA 2010-11

Strathclyde Business School

Ankur Wadhwa

Score: 700

“Sushma Mam has been a great mentor during the two months I took ONLINE coaching from her. She is very dedicated to her profession. The best part about her coaching was that she helped me to attack the verbal problems in a way to maximize the score. She does not make Verbal sound very complex and focuses on the simple basics. That is the important thing that I feel a GMAT student can really benefit from. Also, she was always to quick to respond to my queries.

Thanks Sushma Mam for being a really good mentor throughout my GMAT preparation.”

"I had the privilege of working with Sushma Ma'am when I was preparing my paper-work for graduate school applications. The quality that I admire most about Jha Madame is that apart from being well versed with her trait, she also has a strong level of commitment towards her students. I believe that her keen desire to see her student's succeed motivates you to go that extra yard while refining your paper work. I wish her the very best in her future endeavors."

Akshat Pathak

Master of Science'11

Management Science & Engineering

Columbia University

Kunal Maheshwari


Sushma mam is one of the best and coolest teachers you would ever come across. Scores secured by her students are a proof of her mastery in the verbal section. She knows and clearly understands the areas where her students are facing trouble or how to convert that weakness to a strength. Thank you ma’am for the guidance and the efforts you have made. Wishing you all the luck with your venture! ... Cheers :)

I am Very happy to write a Testimonial for Sushma Mam. Her classroom management skills ensure that students are integrated successfully into all activities, becoming eager and engaged learners. She recognises individual student's strengths, weaknesses & works on them to raise the confidence Level. Her joyful, positive approach to learning and her absolute love for teaching are passed on to all her students.

I had a wonderful experience of taking my course with her. I wish that she help many more students realise their goals as she has been doing!

Naveen Nagrajan

Ankita Yadav

IIT, Bombay

Sushma Ma'am has not only helped to improve my verbal skills but also guided me through out the MBA preparation. She is great teacher as well as a great counselor. Her guidance has definitely helped me to achieve the path of success.

I have been a student of Sushma Ma'm at Career Launcher, Satya Niketan Center (AIM CAT '08). She is an "Outstanding Faculty". Her ability to effectively teach students coupled with her continued quest for self-improvement reflects her commitment to excellence in teaching. Once she asked me come with her after the class was over and give me some tips to improve my Verbal section; which was helpful for me to be at written English. She is a perfect perfectionist like whenever I find myself in trouble in Verbal Ability section I send her a SMS and she use to sent her quick reply. I have scored above 95 percentile in Verbal section in MAT exam. In the end, I want to express my gratitude towards her.

Amar Thakur

Nishant Dalal

Great Lakes Institute of Management

I believe she is an excellent writer and has terrific command over english. I seeked her help for applying to one of my dream management institute. At the end of day when I submitted my application, I was highly impressed to see my own profile. It all was due to the assistance she provided me in making my profile highly presentable. And when my name was in the list of shortlisted candidates, she was the first person who came to my mind to say thanks. Thanks Sushma for all the great effort you put for me.

Dr Sushma is a gifted instructor because she has many years experience as an English teacher. She knows a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure you learn what you need to. Her calming personality makes you feel completely comfortable, even when you're making mistakes. She is always encouraging and positive. She is the best instructor I have ever had. If you want to improve your language skills quickly, hire Dr Sushma.

Mayank Manral

Anmol Jain


Bhoopendra is not only a great GMAT teacher but is also a great relationship Manager with his students. While studying for my MBA, Bhoopendra helped me clear my concepts for the GMAT Quant section and was always available for any additional questions I have. I highly recommend any GMAT aspirant to coach under his guidance.

Bhoopendra Singh is an excellent teacher who will guide you all the way through. His knowledge is unmatched and that is what will gain your respect and make learning sincere and fun. He teaches with passion and even went out of the way to provide online classes for me whenever I had doubts. He is a kind, fun and inspiring person.

Dr. Sushma is an excellent teacher who will teach, guide and take you all the way through. I was fortunate to have her as my teacher in one of the most important exam of my life. Her knowledge is unmatched and her methods are accommodating for all levels of starters. She inspires and motivates you to reach levels you had never thought were achievable. She is a caring, loving and trustworthy teacher.

Ashish Ajwani

IIM Kozikode

Prateek Dureha

IMI, New Delhi

Bhoopendra Sir possesses all the skills required to be an excellent teacher - great knowledge of subject, approachable fro any doubt and hardwork. I had the opportunity to take classes from him in 2010 and that experience considerably improved my quant skills.

I would recommend him to all GMAT aspirants around the world.

Sushma mam not only is a great teacher but also an awesome mentor. Her patience with me was incredible. Reading Comprehension(RC) was one thing that always let me score down but because of careful guidance, Sushma mam made sure I was on the right path. To this date, I still consult her once a while and she happily helps me.

Kushagra Sagar

Yahoo Philippines

MBA- Asian Institute of Management

Mayur Batra

University of Cincinnati

Great initiative!!! Very Happy for you both! Great Faculties and Great Mentors!! Highly recommend them!

Taught by both Sushma (Verbal) and Bhoopendra (Quant - Math Genius)

Dr Sushma Jha is a great instructor and that I realized on the very first day of my coaching. I was terrible at the verbal section before studying from her but then later it was my verbal score that got me a 700 in GMAT. Can't say more, she won't let you down.

Gaurav Sharma

IE Business School

GMAT - 700

Manjit Singh

GMAT – 720

Dr.Sushma is an excellent teacher.I consider myself, really fortunate for attending her classes on GMAT's verbal section .She believes in building up the fundamentals, required to excel in verbal and she is quite patient with her students. Being a engineer ,i was always confident about my quant section and wanted to improve my verbal.Thanks to her teachings, i managed to score 40 (90 per) in verbal and a total of 720 (94 per). Ma'am wish you all the best in your future endeavours and i am sure many more students will benefit from your classes and excel in GMAT!!

I have taken English coaching from Dr. Sushma in 2005 and her teaching methodology has made an everlasting impression in mind. Whenever I have to draft any important mail, her teachings come to my mind. To me, she has become synonymous to English language.

Besides being an outstanding teacher, she is an excellent human being.

Mukesh Chugh

Vivek Singh


I know Bhoopendra Sir since 2008 when I first started preparing for CAT, I was always good in maths and always been able to crack quant section but Bhoopendra Sir's guidance has given me new dimensions of solving quant . He is a mathematics genius , he knows a lot of short cut methods and fundoo techniques to solve question, all his techniques helped me to solve quant faster and better . I am always thankful to him for his guidance.

Bhoopendra Sir introduced me to Sushma Maam in later 2009 when I was facing a lot of trouble in cracking verbal section. Her way of teaching verbal is excellent, she is very supportive and gives personal attention to each of her student, because of her only I was able to crack verbal section in 2010 entrance exams.

Because of their guidance and support I was able to crack all the MBA entrance exams in 2010-11 except IIFT. I cracked CAT, XAT, FMS, TISS and many more.


"Both Sushma Maam and Bhoopendra Sir were crucial in my preparation for GMAT. They are great in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each and every student to give them a custom-make education. On top of everything else I feel they are great human beings, which just makes it so much more easy and fun to learn from them."

Manvendra Saxena

GMAT – 740

Kellogg School of Management

Chandan Bhatia

XLRI – Executive MBA

"I had always aspired to be a student at a premier management institution and Sushma mam has help me realized this dream. She helped me identify my weaknesses and encouraged me to work on it. She is effusive and believes in her students. She is one of the best faculty around for GMAT English preparation."

Working with Bhoopendra Sir was an absolute pleasure. His command on concepts was immaculate and he adjusted his style of teaching according to the student's needs. He helped me focus on my strenghts and helped me improve my performance in my actual exam.

Rohit Balakrishnan

GMAT – 700

Priyanka Agarwal

Georgia Institute of Technology

"Sushma ma'am as I call her is not only my favorite teacher but also my favorite person. She is patient, accommodating and of course an expert in her subject. It was a pleasure to be guided by her. I wish her lots of success in life."

I interacted with Sushma Madam in August 2012. I had already prepared for 3 months for my GMAT by August 2012, but I was not getting the score I wanted to. The area I was struggling was in Verbal Ability just like any other engineer. I was in touch with 3-4 teachers but I was not able to find the right fit with the faculty as everyone had a standard methodology and a commercial interest whereas I wanted a customized programme to suit my needs. When I attended Sushma mam's class, I found her class to be a refreshing change and found her to be sensitive to the student's needs. She adapted very well to my needs and helped strengthen my concepts and made me more comfortable with all three sub-sections within Verbal - CR, RC and SC. Despite a bad day, I still ended up with a score of 700 and Sushma mam surely played a significant part in my success.

Anubhav Jha

GMAT – 700

Sahil Garg

GMAT – 710

City University London

Dr. Sushma Jha..This name doesn't need a recommendation. But for all those who have just started looking for an english teacher for GMAT, I'd recommend a demo class with ma'am. Under her guidance, I scored 710 in GMAT. Studying and taking doubts with her always felt like discussing with a friend. One just need to follow what has been said in the class and GMAT english is no big deal. In addition to teaching, she keeps you motivated till the end. Moreover, she is available online too; a great advantage to the distant students.

In the end, I want to express my gratitude towards her.

Sir Bhoopendra is certainly one of the most brilliant GMAT teacher for quantitative topics. His skills, knowledge and professionalism explaining theories and concepts really helped me succeeding with the test. He fully masters all sections and is able to breakdown any problems so clearly that any exercises and practices become manageable. I can totally recommend Sir Bhoopendra for quantitative sections, results and satisfaction are guarantee!!

Julien Malengo

Gaurav Rao

Giving the GMAT is not a walk in the park, preparing for it is a roller coaster ride, you need all the help you can get. During the GMAT rollercoaster Sushma and Bhoopendra served as my safety harnesses!

Bhoopendra –

I have a confession to make; I feel I am horribly retarded at Mathematics, which is why dealing with the subject in school was a major pain. To be honest I scored a 42/100 in the ICSE boards. GMAT as you know, encompasses the mathematics from class 3 to class 10, and this is what made me realize that I needed help, BADLY!

Bhoopendra, according to me is a mathematical genius; he knows a short cut for every type of math problem. His clarity of the subject is brilliant and his ability to explain the concepts to even a person like me is marvelous.

Sushma –

Unlike mathematics, I’m pretty good at English, but I still was not able to crack the Verbal sections. That’s where Sushma came in, she had a set of GMAT pointers which came in real handy. She knew which answer choice would appeal to the GMAT test creators and which would appeal to regular day to day conversations. This is just about all that any fluent English speaker needs to crack the GMAT. For people who are not fluent, she is very capable of giving you good practice in order to better your score on the GMAT verbal.

Sushma mam is one of the best teachers I have had. I had scored 50 in quantitative section and was in low 20's in my verbal. She provided me with the resources and skills to improve my command on English. Mam was always there to help and guided me very well. She believed in me and supported me when I wanted to quit. Today I am on a 100% scholarship and it wouldn't be possible without her help. The best part about her teaching was that she wouldn't get frustrated if I asked her the same question again and again. She is always calm and teaches with patience.

Gaurav Ahuja

University of Missouri-Columbia

Debashish Bhadra

GMAT – 750

“Sushma ma'am and Bhoopendra sir taught me verbal and quant respectively when I was preparing for CAT way back in 2006 and 2007. While Bhoopendra sir introduced me to innovative ways of thinking and problem solving in quant, Sushma ma'am taught verbal as if it was a way of life rather than just a subject. Hence, my learnings from those sessions went much beyond understanding just the subject matter and made a contribution towards shaping my thought process. The teaching pedagogy employed led to an impact which went much beyond the immediate need of the hour and even helped me prepare effectively for GMAT 5 years later. The "approach" to problem solving and understanding nuances of grammar and critical reasoning that I had learnt a few years back made sure that I achieved a good score in GMAT.”

SUSHMA MA'AM -- The greatest guide one can have she's a total f 'n' f --- firm and fun !!, she explains you everything so that you understand it. She does not do the work for you she guides you to your mark and she is every strict about home assignments. Under her tutelage anyone can crack the competitive exams be it an honor student or an average student like me. THANK YOU SO MUCH MA'AM !!!

BHOOPENDRA SIR -- Thank you very very much for tutoring me when I was preparing for GMAT. You’ve been an incredible tutor — both personally and professionally. I think I did really well in quant, thanks to you! You were also an incredible listener, I mean you could hear me yap yap for hours; and one more thing thank you so much cause you never made me feel stupid for fretting so much. The thought of facing the world outside of my extremely tiny bubble of life never seemed so exciting till the time I got in touch with you.”

Abhinav Upadhyay

MSc Marketing – University of Strathclyde

Satyameet Ahuja

York University - Schulich School of Business

My skepticism to pursue tuition's for GMAT preparations were shattered the moment I met Sushma Mam and Bhoopendra Sir. Instantaneously, they came across as knowledgeable, friendly and humble teachers. And during my time with them, it turned out to be so much more. The sincerity with which they worked to help me achieve my personal goals was exemplary.

Despite studying in a group format, Sushma Mam had the remarkable quality of giving each student individual attention. While on the other hand Bhoopendra Sir pretty much has the mathematical aptitude, sharpness and ease which one may have seen in John Nash (A Beautiful Mind). The best part is that he will continue to make you feel that YOU can CRACK IT. I cannot thank them enough for their sincerity and today, I can safely attribute part of my academic success to them and I hope many more of us get to learn from these fantastic teachers.

Bhoopendra Sir was by far one of most prolific teachers I had. His grasp over the subject and ease of explaining complex questions was extremely beneficial. He was always accessible and worked really hard to help his students meet their academic goals.

"I had joined Sushma ma'am Classes for Verbal section of GMAT last year and I have no doubt that she has come across as one of the best teachers I have had the privilege of studying under .She is not only well-versed in the course content of the GMAT Verbal section but had helped me immensely in visualizing solution to problem in various ways.

She has recently started GMAT insight for tutoring GMAT aspirants. I wish best of luck. I strongly recommend her for students wishing to improve his or her score in GMAT exam which is very concept based exam and requires lot of clear concepts. Sushma ma'am tutoring would be of immense help for students wanting to crack GMAT ..!!!"

Vaibhav Gupta

Suryapal Chahar

GMAT – 700

“Bhoopendra sir is an absolute gem. He has strong command over the concepts, techniques, and shortcuts that would help you to achieve required speed and accuracy to score well in GMAT. I would any day recommend his guidance over standard institutes which give only a brief overview of each topic.”

“I got to know Dr. Sushma during process of my application to B-schools. Her guidance and inputs were not only valuable during the whole process but also helped me improve my written communication in day to day activities. I never got a chance to meet her but the best part is she could know my personality just by reading my essays and she gave feedback that I could easily carry forward. After the essays, her inputs on interview preparation were icing on the cake. I completely owe my success at IIM to her.”

Arpit Arora

One Year full time MBA Student at IIM Calcutta 2013-14 (PGPex)

Ajeet Dhillon

Full-Time MBA Student at W.P. Carey School of Business

“Dr. Sushma is a great instructor. I always wondered why we have Teacher's day but after my interaction with Sushma Ma'am , I totally get the concept now. She's the person I'd like to celebrate every Teacher's day. She encouraged me to believe in me when I stopped trusting myself. I scored a 51 in quant and I was in 20's in VERBAL section. It was hard to make considerable improvement because I had a full time job that consumed my entire day. She helped me to make the difference and reach where I am now. She has incredible teaching skills. She understands the student and tries to tailor the teaching method around his/her personality to make sure students understand the concepts and the step wise strategy to get things right very first time. When she's your tutor, you get personal attention from her and that explains everything. She is a wonderful person and a great human being!”

"There are many teachers who will help you prepare well for competitive exams, but very few who will make an honest effort to help you navigate the hurdles you face. She will work with you on your weaknesses and guide you at every step. Don't be mistaken. She will not solve them for you but do everything a teacher can do. Her friendly positive aura makes her really approachable. If I have to put it in simple terms - Always smiling and ready to help!"

Rishabh Dayani

University of Michigan

Parag Kulkarni

Great Lakes Institute of Management

"I had an opportunity to seek mentoring from then Ms.Sushma Ma'm , now Dr.Sushma during my GMAT preparation phase in year 2005. Dr.Sushma's unique style of coaching and ability to simplify concepts, definitely helped me understand critical aspects related to Verbal Section, Critical reasoning, Sentence correction and Reading comprehension. The innovative approach adopted to retain understanding of these concepts helped me perform during my GMAT exam in much improved manner. Dr.Sushma's experience and expertise over these topics and overall GMAT preparation phases are key ingredients in every students success story.

'GMAT INSIGHT' as a concept is an excellent forum and approach adopted to grow beyond geographical boundaries and make this excellent coaching available leveraging on the ever-growing 'e-Learning' model."

Dr Sushma provided me with great support, methods, tools and teaching experience while studying for the GMAT. Content of her classes were fitting perfectly the exercises requirements and helped me a lot to master the exam. Together, we worked addressing all problems strategies, rules and set of logic. I would recommend without doubt her teaching capabilities making each problem accessible and solvable. Thanks !

Julien Malengo

IE (Instituto de Empresa)

Radhika Mediratta

IIFT Delhi (Batch 2011-13)

I have known Sushma Mam since 2008, when I joined MBA entrance preparation classes. With her in depth knowledge and granular teaching methodology, she imbibes in her students a keenness to learn and motivation to perform better every time. With a comprehensive mix of well structured classes and timed practise exercises, a student gets the right sense of direction for the way ahead. I thank her for being a great teacher and guide during my preparation period.



Faculty of Management Studies - University of Delhi

Dev Budhiraja

Masters of Business Economics, Delhi University

Dr. Sushm Jha (I prefer calling her Sushma Ma'am) has an amazing persona and an ever ebullient personality. There are some people who are knowledgeable and some who are intelligent, very rare do you find someone who is both; If anyone can claim that title, that has to be Sushma ma’am. She is a brilliant teacher who understands the pupils doubts even if they are hesitant to come forward with it. Not many can stand on the same platform with her and deliver as effectively. She is one of those exceptional individuals who are both empathetic and sympathetic at the same time. When we add to that her joyful nature, we find a remarkable concoction of some of the most wonderful personality traits. I wish her all the best in all her endeavors. Ma’am may you continue to remain the guiding light to many more for many more years.

" I was recommended to go to Sushma Mam by one of her students. She is one of the best there is in the industry. Individual classes and attention to basics are her USP. I would highly recommend seeking her help for your GMAT prep."

Deepanshu Mendiratta